Fozzy Group integrated the Diya


Fozzy Group integrated the Diya

Fozzy Group integrated the Diya application into the cash desks of Silpo and Fora supermarket chains  

Fozzy Group integrated the Diya application into the cash desks of Silpo and Fora supermarket chains. 

Starting July 1, 2021 customers of Silpo and Fora supermarket chains can use the Diya application instead of the documents confirming their age. 

From now on guests of Silpo and Fora can simply scan a QR-code in their Diya apps to confirm the customer’s age while buying alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. The cash desks software is integrated with the Diya software. 

“The guests of Silpo and Fora had been making inquiries to use Diya at the cash desks. Despite the convenience of the electronic documents, they had their weak points, as the cashier could not distinguish the original application from a screenshot. A priority of Fozzy Group is caring about teenagers’ health and abiding by the law. Accordingly, we had to find a solution to verify the customer’s age through the Diya app”,  says Andriy Yanbukhtin, the head of the Laboratory 3i Center of Artificial Intelligence and Innovations at TemaBit Fozzy Group. “About 500 000 citizens use Diya application daily. 

There are more than 5.5 million unique users in Diya and each of them uses the FMCG network services. 

Thus, the integration to Diya is retailers’ care about the comfort and safety of their guests. 

Today we have a few scenarios to use electronic documents in Diya. One of them is a possibility to validate the document, which means to confirm your identity and age, and make sure the document is authentic”, added Denys Ivanov, the head of the electronic service implementation and monitor expert group by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

TemaBIT company (a part of Fozzy Group) implemented the integration of the two platforms. Within the project, the developers created a separate application interface for the manual scanners at the cash desks. Therefore, the manual scanners can read the dynamic QR-code from the app and check its validity. The data exchange uses safe protocols: the cash desk software API receives only positive or negative answers, and all the data from the Diya application remain secret for the supermarket employees. 

At the moment Diya app is integrated with software at the typical cash desks of Silpo and typical self-service cash desks of Fora. We are planning to provide this integration into the Fozzy hypermarkets chain and to self-service cash desks of Silpo supermarket and Justin delivery service.