Hybrid work model and innovative workspace from Fozzy Group


Hybrid work model and innovative workspace from Fozzy Group

The quarantine restrictions, implemented last year, took everyone by surprise. Almost immediately, the Fozzy Group started looking for new solutions – creating a hybrid work model to support innovation and a distinct flow of communication.


It was substantial to make the new system sustainable, so it will continue functioning after the pandemic. Thus, the company interviewed its employees about the most convenient work model. The survey showed that 71% of the employees no longer want to return to their daily routine in the office. At the same time, only 15% of employees are ready to work remotely. It turned out that a hybrid model of work, which allows to combine work in the office and remotely, is the best suitable for most.


Considering all the wishes, in spring 2021, the company presented an innovative hub for product teams designed to host the simultaneous work of 170 professionals.


Why is the new space so unique? It flexibly meets the needs of employees and businesses. Innovation HUB is the first step of an agile work approach. It is an ecosystem for experiments and generating new bold ideas. A space that meets current quarantine restrictions and will continue functioning after the pandemics.


Why Innovation HUB?

  • The hub area is 1114 square meters, with 170 workplaces that can be transformed accordingly to an instant request. All furniture and objects are mobile, so one can change the location of tables, chairs, flipcharts, and everything necessary to perform a task. Even the TV panels detached from the walls and can be easily moved around the room.
  • Flipcharts with marker boards on one side and soundproof panels on the other allow space zoning. Due to these panels, employees have their personal working space and privacy. Moreover, the floor and ceiling are also made of soundproof materials.
  • The light intensity can be controlled from the general panel; zoned lightning in the hubs creates proper illumination. The sockets are fixed to the ceiling and can be easily lowered as needed.
  • One can talk on the phone or work in complete silence in the office booths called the Silent Boxes. Each of them is a soundproof separate workplace equipped with ventilation.
  • The hub has an area for conferences and presentations. It is shaped like an amphitheater with stairs and designed for 30 people.
  • One can enjoy a cup of coffee and relax in cozy coffee points. The kitchen is separated from the workspaces for convenience.
  • The concept of the hub allows stopping usage of traditional conference halls as now each team can create a comfortable environment for itself.
  • A chatbot allows booking a workspace online. It also permits booking parking places, inviting people, and following occupancy of the hub. 


Future is closer than we think. Innovation HUB is a visionary project that welcomes extraordinary people with extraordinary ideas. The hub is located on the ground floor of Kyiv Silver Breeze shopping center.