Laboratory 3i: Fozzy Group creates the Center of Artificial Intelligence and Innovation


Laboratory 3i: Fozzy Group creates the Center of Artificial Intelligence and Innovation

The R&D Center of Artificial Intelligence and Innovations Laboratory 3i replenished the ecosystem of Fozzy Group. The center functions within the structure of the TemaBit IT-developer company group. Laboratory 3i elaborates advanced solutions for retail chains, logistics, and restaurant businesses of Fozzy Group.

The experts of the new center conduct experiments with artificial intelligence, convolutional neural networks, machine learning, immersive technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Here they work on the research and development of computer systems capable of autonomous controlling different processes in stores. Additionally, the professionals conduct pilot experiments in robotics.

One of the key development areas is the “store of future”. This is an extensive field of research that includes e-commerce and retail. Laboratory 3i practice involves development of interfaces using virtual, augmented, and mixed reality for operational processes and customer experience. The “store of future” organically combines digital and physical dimensions in the customary space of supermarkets.

“We are rethinking the role of technology for the various businesses of the Fozzy Group. Some of our experiments will significantly change our guests’ experience. At the same time, we are working on innovations to improve internal operational processes. We already use big data and partly artificial intelligence, and – of course – offline retail has a much greater potential for digitalization. Thanks to technology, we can digitize or automate routine tasks. In this way, we save up our colleagues’ time and energy to take care of our guests’ emotional wow-experience,” says Andriy Yanbukhtin, the head of the Center of Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Laboratory 3i.

Laboratory 3i has a talented team with diverse experience: from Ph.D. in Math to first-year students. The year’s aim is to double the number of machine learning experts, data scientists, Python developers, robotics, and mechatronics engineers.

Research and testing of new technologies in connection to business are critically important for the Laboratory 3i performance. It is estimated that only 5-10% of experiments will continue as full-fledged projects and will be implemented in real life. This approach allows to create revolutionary solutions and transform the business.

About Fozzy Group

Fozzy Group is one of the largest trade and industrial groups in Ukraine. The group’s business interests include retail, food production, banking, IT, logistics, tourism, and restaurant businesses. In total, Fozzy Group employs more than 65,000 people.

Retail chains of the group: Silpo and Le Silpo delicacy markets, Fozzy, Favore, Fora, Thrash!, Bila Romashka pharmacies, Ringoo gadget stores.

Restaurants: Bulanzheri, Dziao-Bar, Mokri Vusa, Escobar, Positano, Who & Why Drinkery.

Agro-industrial direction: TM Nizhyn, TM Hrinvil, TM Sniatynska Ptytsia, TM Bohuslavna, TM Skadi, TM Livyi&Pravyi. The agricultural business specializes in crop production, animal husbandry, and vegetable growing.

Other businesses: Vostok bank, TemaBIT IT-developer, UVK logistics operator, Justin delivery, Silpo Voyage travel agency chain.

About TemaBit Fozzy Group

TemaBit is a progressive IT business within the structure of Fozzy Group, one of the largest trade and industrial groups in Ukraine. Today TemaBit Fozzy Group employs almost 1,000 professionals.

The company develops its own software products for all businesses of the group. More than 65,000 employees, thousands of partners, and millions of Silpo, Fora, Fozzy, and Justin delivery service clients use these developments every day.

TemaBit creates original end-to-end solutions: it specializes in web and mobile development, software for business management processes, and infrastructure projects. About 80% of Fozzy Group’s software is developed by TemaBit.