Fozzy Group started testing an artificial intelligence system


Fozzy Group started testing an artificial intelligence system

Fozzy Group started testing an artificial intelligence system named Kissa AI in one of the Kyiv cafes. It scans the food ordered by the client, identifies it, and generates a bill.

The Way It Works

Kissa AI was designed by the TemaBit Fozzy Group at the “3i Laboratory” artificial intelligence center. The developers affirm it can serve guests at the cashier-desks without the intrusion of human cashiers.


The system’s name first appeared as a joke in 2017. A newly launched AI system in Silpo was called Kissa (Key Intellectual Silpo System Assistant), and the name became so appreciated, they decided to leave it for the actual system.


The whole process – from food scanning to invoicing – takes about 4 seconds, which is almost ten times faster than a classic cashier time.


Today you can test the performance of Kissa in the Kantin cafe in Kyiv, located at the Silver Breeze business center. Yet, while testing, only Vlasnyi Rahunok loyalty-card holders can use the system. As the company explains, this limitation is necessary for providing compensation if the system does not recognize the dishes correctly.


The procedure is as follows:

  • During the first acquaintance with Kissa AI, the client may watch a cartoon, which shows how the system works.
  • The client puts a tray of food and drinks into the device (the way it is shown in the picture below). The system identifies dishes, at the same time it informs the client about the stage of the process (standby, ready, recognition, payment) by the light indicators.
  • Then the client scans the Vlasnyi Rahunok card.
  • If the client’s payment is enabled into the Silpo mobile application, the amount will be debited automatically. If not, the client can pay by card at the terminal nearby.


The Way It Is Designed

Now, Kissa AI works with the help of an ultra-precise neural network and a system of sensors. Materially, it is a portal with three cameras, scales, light indicators, screens, and a payment terminal. The system recognizes products using computer vision (it was trained for a long time to distinguish very similar products, for example, chicken and turkey cutlets) and generates a receipt for the client.


The neural network began to be trained back in June 2020, based on synthetic data. Since July 2021, they have been guiding the system on live data: using images of dishes of all cafe visitors, with the data manager’s adjustments.

You can have lunch at Kissa AI from 11:30 to 14:30 Monday to Friday in the Kantin at Silver Breeze business center (2nd floor).