Andriy Yanbukhtin about artificial intelligence


Andriy Yanbukhtin about artificial intelligence

Data Science fwdays’21 insights from Andriy Yanbukhtin – a guru of artificial intelligence and innovation

Shops of the future, text recognition on social media, and products recognition technology in a cafe: Andriy Yanbukhtin shared innovations at the Data Science fwdays’21 conference.

What we have is never enough. We strive to make everything better. Therefore, our team is in constant search of new solutions to produce wow-emotions. It seems that we manage to surprise even ourselves. Hard to hide the excitement of the innovative solutions introduced by our IT professionals – TemaBit. And no wonder: our company has more than 20 years of experience in creating wow-solutions.

As for today, the number of our IT specialists reaches over a thousand. That is why almost all business software of Fozzy Group is developed internally. Only in some cases a part of the development – about 15% – is outsourced.

Yet, we try to surprise not only ourselves. We want to share experiences and cool ideas with others. Thus, our Fozzy Group team often becomes a partner in conferences and special events. In particular, we recently supported Data Science fwdays’21, one of the largest conferences on Data Science, AI, and machine learning. And we presented a speaker, Andriy Yanbukhtin, the head of the laboratory of artificial intelligence and innovations, who spoke about the usage of neural networks and computer vision in retail.

And here you can find three cool things from Andriy’s speech:

  1. Shops of the future

Our offline stores seem simple at first glance. In fact, it’s a whole artificial intelligence system that helps maintain perfect order. All data is aggregated in the so-called digital ocean. Next to this digital ocean lies the digital core that analyzes data. According to the incoming data, the system analyzes which action should be performed and sends a command to the employees to carry it out.

Yes, we have several pilot stores. Would you like to visit Silpo, where innovative solutions have already been implemented? Hit our Kyiv store at 24-26 Peremohy Avenue, near the Politekhnichnyy Institute metro station.

  1. Text analysis on social media

As for artificial intelligence, there is another solution implemented by our team – text analysis on social media. Neural networks analyze the relevance of the texts, estimating more responsive and less responsive. Previously, experts did it manually, which took much time. Now the neural network examines texts, sorts them by areas and regions, and sends them to the employee who works with it further. Thus, the IT team has severely increased the speed of reactions while interacting with the public.

  1. Product recognition in the cafes

Our TemaBit team has launched the Recognition project. It began with a challenge: with product recognition in a cafe. It is a perfect solution for introverts and people valuing their time. Remember the supermarket self-service checkouts? So this is an even cooler idea! Visiting a cafe, you do not have to press anything on the screen (another useful feature in the pandemic).

Experts have created a portal where the tray is placed, the neural network processes the quantity, determines the energy value and cost, and offers the guest several ways to pay for the order. Our experts have taught the system to distinguish all kinds of cutlets and cakes, determine borshch from solyanka and even spot a piece of chop buried under the porridge. To do so, the team took thousands of photos of each dish, added various foreign objects, and combined the filling. The development is still in progress and soon will be available for testing in our cafes.